Shurtape Technologies LLC: Scandinavian sales office opens in Denmark

Shurtape ApS has been able to win Ole Knudsen as the new country manager for Scandinavia.

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At Shurtape, we design, develop and craft our tape to one simple standard. Yours. We know you demand attention to every detail. We know you strive to do the next job better than the last. We know you won’t settle for anything less than exact. It’s what has guided and inspired us every day since 1955.

Created in North Carolina as Shurtape Technologies LLC, we’re a privately owned company proudly serving a variety of markets, from painting and packaging to HVAC and transportation. And we continually remain engaged with our markets and the customers and craftsmen who use our tape so we can deliver what they need. To the absolute highest standards.

As we continue to grow, the basis of our success remains the same: our relationships with our customers and craftsmen. We’re grateful that so many of you have been intensely loyal. It’s why we demand consistent product performance, on-time delivery and relentless customer service. It’s also why we never stop investing in improving our manufacturing, our products and our distribution.

In other words, we work to do our job the way you do yours

The Scandinavian market has been successfully served by Shurtape’s subsidiary Kip GmbH Germany. Kip GmbH Germany has been acquired by Shurtape Technologies LLC in the year 2000. As a 100% subsidiary, Kip GmbH is a successful partner for retailers and professionals as well as the industry for more than 50 years in the European market. Kip GmbH as well as Shurtape ApS serve the market with their brands Shurtape®,  Kip®, FrogTape®, DUCK TAPE® and T-REX®.

“Shurtape ApS and Kip GmbH Germany will cooperate very closely together to expand and intensify our established customer relations in the Scandinavian market. Kip GmbH Germany has a team of professional tape experts and with its own quality control as well as its own laboratory for product development. These assets will be essential for a successful start of Shurtape ApS.” says Ole Knudsen.

“We offer a complete range of high quality pressure sensitive adhesive products and solutions. Depending on the customers’ needs, we are sure we can find a matching product out of our brand portfolio” says Ole Knudsen and continues: “I am looking forward to the possibility to meeting you and serving your needs as well as building strong partnerships with you as a valued customer and you as a new potential customer in the Scandinavian market.”

New country manager in Scandinavia

Shurtape ApS has been able to win Ole Knudsen as the new country manager for Scandinavia.

Ole Knudsen from Holstebro Denmark has started as a country manager at Shurtape ApS. From the office in Herning, Ole Knudsen will be responsible for Shurtape’s large range of tapes for professional, retail and industrial markets. Focusing on the brands  Shurtape®, Kip®, FrogTape®, DUCK TAPE® and T-REX®. 

For the past seven years, Ole Knudsen has worked in the construction industry as Key Account Manager for NJORDIC Company A / S in Viby near Aarhus. He has also been Key Account Manager at G. Funder A/S in Kolding.

Ole Knudsen is 49 years old, born and raised in Ringkøbing, but now living in Holstebro with his wife Marie-Louise and daughters Cecilia and Caroline. In his spare time, he is an avid golfer.

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